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Racing in France

With over 130 racecourses, France boasts the highest number of racecourses in Europe.  From legendary courses to an extensive network of provincial tracks there is something for participants at every level. There is also easy access to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom for even more options for every horse.

 With more than €289 million distributed in 2023 France leads the field in terms of prize money, breeders’ and owners’ premiums and maintains the best ratio of keep and training expenses to prize money per runner in Europe.


France is well known for its lucrative system of Owners’ premiums on top of already generous prize-money. On the flat, you can see your purse increase by : 80% for 2 & 3yos, 55% for 4 & 5yos, 45% for 6yos & olders and 35% on Gr1 victories.

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